10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait , with 2 Tackle Boxes by Tbuymax

Tbuymax 10pcs high quality Holographic Spinner Lure kit comes with assorted bright colors and sizes.Life-like swimming actions are irresistible to big Fish. Its classic blades shaped so as to spin like a propeller when the lure is in motion, creating varying degrees of flash and vibration that mimics small fish or other prey. 

  • Large size:2.5’’ , Heavy weighted body:0.28oz .larger and heavier design to catch big fish
  • Each Spinnerbait comes with a sharp treble hooks with brightly colored strike-attractor sleeves
  • The packing box makes you more convenient to use and restock
  • Premium quality blade provides continuous flash and vibration
  • Deadly on Bass,trout Walleye, Northern Pike and Salmon

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